“Starting my dance education at Nash was a great decision—between their unbelievably gorgeous facility, talented and kind teaching staff and amazing dance community, I always feel at home. Dancing and Nash Dancenter have become a wonderful addition in my life.”   ~Alana

“Its true....everyone who steps into the place has a great time! I believe that their employees even enjoy every minute they spend imparting their knowledge on their eager students! Its a great place to go to forget your cares and worries!”   ~Arthur Montena

“Brian Nash put the "cha" back in the cha-cha-cha! Thanks, Brian!”   ~Mary and John Kelley

“I never knew dancing could be so much fun! Now its not so bad being single again!”   ~Paula S

“I love Nash Dancenter! The instructors are excellent and the atmosphere is very friendly!”   ~Pat Padian

“The Nash Dancenter is a beautiful studio with great instructors. I have attended numerous superb workshops, showcases and socials here over the past 4 years!”   ~John Sucec

“Nash Dancenter is a great place to dance and have fun. Nice people, nice music, nice atmosphere. The best place to be!”   ~Jeanne Val

“Nash Dancenter is simply the BEST! Once you have experienced the professionalism and teaching expertise of Brian and his staff, you will never want to dance anywhere else!”   ~Ingrid Misurelli

“Brian Nash and his studio have touched the lives of countless people. I believe were each put on earth for a reason and Brians is to teach dance. So many people are for the better for his tireless effort to bring dancing into their lives. Best of Luck!”   ~Robert H

“Nash is an outstanding studio with wonderful floors. The instructors are unbelievable and spoil us with their high quality of instruction. I travel a long distance and every mile is well worth it.”   ~Bernadette Albertsen

“The owners have poured their hearts into creating a unique first-class center for dance. Its a welcoming place, super teachers, full calendar of classes and activities, community outreach. Never seen anything else like it.”   ~Nancy

“Not only is Nash Dancenterís expertise phenomenal but the atmosphere is warm and inviting too. The owners and staff are very down to earth and genuine. The studio provides great opportunities in dance and also helps provide an enjoyable social life! My whole family loves Nash! Even my husband looks forward to it because heís made to feel comfortable. They helped my daughter adjust to NJ after being in NC for 10yrs. Hope theyre recognized as the wonderful business it is!”   ~Dottie and Richie Reed

“The Nash Dancenter is a place where anyone can learn to dance! The teachers are excellent, the studio is beautiful, and the workshops are terrific! If you attend the workshop on a Saturday night, you will be in awe. Brian Nash easily has everyones rapt attention, as they know that they are in for a treat! They will learn how to dance! Certainly, a gifted teacher with a passion for his craft!”   ~Annabelle Cirutti

“Nash Dancenter provides a welcoming atmosphere to learn dancing in a gorgeous ballroom setting. Brian Nash, named top dance instructor in NJ numerous times, is a consummate professional and is a warm approachable person as is his entire staff.”   ~Janet Weber

“This place is a ballroom Mecca in Northern NJ. Try one their lessons. You will not regret.”   ~Samel

“The instructors at Nash Dancenter are the best in the business. It is truly the best place to learn to dance in the northeast. Nash Dancenter is super!!!”   ~Paul Patsarikas

“I never expected dancing to be so much fun... A beautiful ballroom, great teachers and weekday workshops, and the Saturday lesson/social night is simply The Best.. Im hooked on Nash....”   ~Robert

“Nash Dancenter is an amazingly warm, friendly, caring dance studio. The teaching is superb, done with patience and understanding. Dont miss an opportunity to socialize with great people too. There is no better studio to be found in NJ!”   ~Carol Kotch

“Thank you for the dance lessons. You are by the far best dance teacher I have ever worked with. You really helped my confidence a lot. Thank You!”   ~Steven Corona

“I enjoy the Wednesday lunch social. A very nice afternoon of dancing with a lovely lunch for a very reasonable price!”   ~John

“This is an extremely professional studio where instructors are dedicated to their students progress. In the few months that I have been with the studio, I advanced in my dance technique. Thank you Brian!”   ~Tatiana Yastremski

“Nash Dancenter has great instructors that are genuinely interested in seeing their students grow and also enjoy the process. The facility is top of the line and a great place to learn and meet a really nice group of people.”   ~Marsha Sheriff

“Brian and Jennie Nash transformed a former warehouse into the most elegant, fun dance studio in Northern New Jersey. They welcome all and I find myself making the hour long trip many times through the year for the wonderful parties.”   ~Mike DeVivo

“Learning dancing at Nash is food for the soul and exercises the body. Why go to a gym, when I can exercise doing something fun, learning, socializing and finding my wings. Brian, Jennie, Adriana and Johnnie...the Nash family, make everyone welcome!”   ~Roberta Ruschmann

“I rented this Studio for my family events. My one daughter had her wedding in their beautiful Grand Ballroom and gave my other daughter her sweet 16 party. Great place and great staff. This Studio is beautiful and spacious. I was a little concerned about learning how to dance in front of strangers but due to studios many rooms, there was a nice level of privacy.”   ~Drew

“Brain Nash and his teachers are fantastic. I bought my wife a gift certificate and we had a great time in the workshop. We plan on taking more lessons! We are thrilled...unlike any other ballroom!”   ~Tony

“Nash is a priceless community member. The Center fulfills the need for a wonderful place to dance but also gives back by donating time and space for worthy causes. People come from far and wide to dance here, and its easy to see why.”   ~Marilyn Tayler

“The Nash Dance Center is the best dance facility on the entire east coast of the USA. Their highly trained dancers, make the dancing at the Nash outstanding.”   ~Monte Furlano

“Brian Nash and his staff are dedicated to teaching well. This makes the Nash Dancenter unique in New Jersey!”   ~Joan Lazar

“Nash Dancenter is the best studio Ive ever seen. Its a gorgeous facility with excellent teachers. Everyone feels welcome. You come to dance with ‘friends’.”   ~Ronnie Marvald

“Students travel hours from all over the tri-state area to attend a workshop given by Brian Nash. Truly the best. It is obvious that he loves what he does and his enthusiasm for dance transfers to all who are lucky enough to be there.”   ~Mary

“Nash Dancenter is not only good for the body, but for the soul....For the past few years, it has given me happiness and exercise at the same time.....the staff there are the greatest”   ~Denise Arico

“Now, there is Dancing with the Stars, and everyone wants to Dance. Brian Nash makes that possible here in Morris County. People come from all over NJ , NY and as far as PA. It is a wonderful place to dance.”   ~Norlyn Poto

“I met my wife at the Nash Dancenter. I proposed to her 3 years later at the surprise event at the Nash Dancenter with help from owners and dancing friends. Two years later we got married at the Nash Dancenter. It is truly a magical place.”   ~Ed and Norlyn Poto

“Why learn to dance at the Nash Dancenter? Because Brian Nash and his teachers make it possible. He cares about teaching as much as he does about dance. His workshops on Saturdays are fantastic! What a great place!”   ~Sylvester

“Learning dancing at Nash is food for the soul and exercises the body. Why go to a gym, when I can exercise doing something fun, learning, socializing and finding my wings. Nash focuses on the student, and believes in teaching dancing correctly the first time and building a solid foundation whether for social or competitive dancing. Brian, Jennie, Adriana and Johnnie...the Nash family, make everyone welcome!”   ~Roberta

“This is my home away from home for over 10 years as I have been taking dance lessons here 3-4 times a week. Where else could you have fun, socialize and exercise all in one?! Greatest place to dance in NJ, maybe even the US!”   ~Shirish H. Phatak

“Nash Dancenter is the best. the instruction is suburb. The ballrooms are huge. The floor is beautifully maintained. And the price is right! I love going to the Dancenter for the workshops and the socials! Everyone is friendly and supportive. I have learned so much here, and am so glad that I chose this ballroom as the place for me to learn to dance!”   ~Barbara Burke

“Nash Dancenter is a great place. It is not just a studio with excellent facilities and instructors, but also a place for social gatherings.”   ~Leonid Shnayder

“The people at Nash provide quality dance lessons by real professionals at a reasonable cost. I am well treated by all personnel. Also the open dance socials are a great weekend activity, with a chance to dance with others of all levels. A Great Place!”   ~Kathy Johnsen

“Beautiful studio, very experienced instructors. They arent just great dancers, but great teachers – two qualities that dont always come hand in hand.”   ~Will Stoffers

“Nash Dancenter is awesome! The instruction is super as are the instructors! The Nashs are very welcoming and try to meet everyones individual dance goals. Nash has helped me adjust to a new life here in NJ. I dont know where Id be without it!”   ~Dana Reed

“Brian and Jennie Nash run a terrific dance studio. The instruction is outstanding and the environment is friendly and encouraging. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”   ~Pat Bradley

“Brian Nash has a vitality that touches the heart of his students. We believe we can learn, because he makes it possible. Thank you Brian!”   ~Debbie Stone

“If you want to learn to dance, and you want to have a teacher who knows how to teach, come to the Nash Dancenter. Brain has been teaching for over twenty-five years and it shows. He is patient, knowledgeable, and fun!”   ~Michael

“Best ballroom dance instruction in NJ! Beautiful place, great instructors, friendly staff! Brians talent for teaching and his dedication to his students are second to none.”   ~Frederique

“I love Nash Dancenter—my place of peace. I love the ballroom, the teaching, it is where I find the dancing instruction to be the best. Brian is the best. He has turned me into a decent dancer in just two years. Thanks Brian!”   ~Nagaraj

“Brian Nash is an amazing dance instructor and coach. He is like ballroom, elegant and smooth, fun and social, technical and addictive.”   ~Christophe Restif

“Brian Nash is the most fantastic Dance instructor I have ever worked with. Not only is he incredibly supportive and positive, he teaches phenomenal technique, with brilliant artistry, and has a wonderful talent of teaching. I have learned so much!”   ~Dawn A

“Nash Dance Center is the best dance studio around. All the instructors are so professional and patient. I never thought my husband would dance until he went to Nash, you should see him do the Hustle!!”   ~Shana

“Words cant even describe how great this studio is. Brian is an amazing teaching with lots patience, talent and enthusiasm. Plus, the studio is simply magnificent”   ~Sean Lo

“Brian is a great teacher. He is precise and covers a lot of ground. The studio is gorgeous and Ive always been made to feel welcome there.”   ~Patrice

“The most beautiful dance studio in NJ. Brian is an excellent teacher. Love his private lessons (took Hustle with him) and enjoy many choices of his social events. Always a place to go on Saturday night for a great time.”   ~Anna A

“Brian Nashs enthusiasm, talent, commitment to helping his students, his staff, but most importantly, his PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT in making it a magnet for people who love to dance are reasons I chose Nash Dancenter. He really hit the sweet spot!”   ~Steve

“Ive been dancing at Nash for the past 5 yrs and can honestly say that its one of the best studios in NJ. Teachers are knowledgeable and pleasure to work with, facilities are awesome, and theres always a variety of dance activities to choose from.”   ~Agnieszka

“I live in Orange county NY but Ive happily driven 1-1/2 hrs to Nash for private and group lessons and socials. Its the BEST dance studio in NJ and probably the Tri state area - gorgeous studio and the best Professionals teach there.”   ~Christina Yuin

“Nash Dancenter is a business that promotes healthy activity, personal development and social interaction for people of all ages, near and far.”   ~Phylicia Simone

“Nash Dancenter is a fabulous place to dance and to learn. I have danced there many times and have enjoyed myself tremendously. Their floor is the BEST to dance on. The owners (Mr. and Mrs. Nash) are lovely and all their teachers are great.”   ~Cecilia Engelberg

“Nash Dancenter is an important business in our community. It is an outlet from our hectic lives. The variety of classes offered has something for everyone. My life just wouldnt be the same without it.”   ~Lisa Reddock-Wright

“The Nash Dancenter is a wonderful establishment. When we go to Brian and Jennies Dance Studio, we feel like a part of their family. Priceless!”   ~Carmelita ODonnell

“We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing world of talented teachers who enjoy bringing out the dancer in us. My skill level skyrocketed with their technique classes; and my dancer friends noticed the big difference. I am much obliged.”   ~Marilyn Burnette

“Brian Nash is a fantastic dance instructor and is among the best in the Tri-state area. Their ballrooms will wow you too!”   ~Steve Meehan

“Nash Dancenter has a beautiful atmosphere and great instructors. It has improved my dancing tremendously. Brian has a way of encouraging you and pushing you to improve all at the same time.”   ~Corrine Wagner

“Amazing instructors, great clientele, lovely atmosphere. What else could you want?”   ~Patti Lynch Handzus

“Nash Dancenter and all its wonderful instructors have taught me, with my two left feet, to dance and have also infused me with a love of dancing. Their enthusiasm is contagious, you cannot help but learn and have fun doing it.”   ~Leslie Estes Zinn

“I wanted to dance my whole life, and now here I am at age fifty and learning from patient, knowledgeable instructors. I am enjoying the second part of my life! Thank you Brain and Jennie!”   ~Sue

“The facility has an outstanding teaching. The lessons are very well taught according to some people that attend. The environment in making a great show is attractive and enjoying to every personal. I love the marvelous dancing and shows.”   ~Raymond Cartier

“The dance lessons here are amazing! I learned so much in such a short amount of time and got a great workout as well as learning nice dance moves. I would recommend Nash Dancenter to all of my friends and family for the best for learning dance!”   ~Kooper113

“I went in with two left feet and found my right one! Brain and Jennie provide the tri-state area with a beautiful ballroom, a passion for dance, and a love of teaching. It is my home away from home!”   ~Barry

“It is an absolutely beautiful facility and which holds a lot of culture and opportunity. When you are there, you never feel lonely. They helped me to overcome my self consciousness. They are very kind and supportive.”   ~Barbara

“Very friendly and the best dance instruction at all levels. The main ballroom is the best in north Jersey.”   ~George Zipfel

“I LOVE IT!!! Everyone is welcome and all have fun. What a great place to dance, socialize, be creative and work off stress. The quality of teaching is superb and the surroundings enchanting. A lovely place to get exercise, meet new people, be creative and hide from your stresses and strains. Its a dream come true for a social affair as well. What a stunning place to get married!! Itís THE BEST!!”   ~Stacy Levy

“Brian Nash is a gifted teacher — clear, patient, good natured. His enthusiasm for dance is inspiring. I enjoy the studio, the teachers, and the other students. If only I could dance every day!”   ~Veronica Daly

“Nash Dancenter has such a great and fun atmosphere. Everyone is greeted as soon as they walk through the door by the instructors and even the other students. Excellent instructors who are extremely friendly and patient.”   ~Lili Hirshenson

“The best Ballroom and Latin dance studio in US. Great instructors, great atmosphere.”   ~Tamara Liechtenstein

“Nashs Saturday workshops are fabulous. Students travel from many states to enjoy the superb instruction provided by Brian Nash. The social following the workshops are a lot of fun. Nash makes it fun to learn and the ballroom is exquisite!”   ~Carolyn Monday

“Adriana has been my instructor for years now. She is so patient and willing to take the time to make my dancing technique better than I couldve hoped for. Thanks Adriana.”

“The Dance center is truly an enjoyable experience for those who are not expert dancers and the warmth I have received from day one has kept my interest in returning on a weekly basis! The Nash Dancenter provides a great place for people to learn to dance, socialize, and most importantly have fun. It has a magnificent ballroom that transports its dancers to another time and place. Just beautiful.”

“I went to Adriana for a lesson and was nervous because I didnt think I could dance with my arms and not look foolish! After ten minutes I felt relaxed and began to dance without feeling so self-conscious! She made me believe it is all possible!”

“My family and I have been going to Nash since it opened. Not only are the instructors top notch, caring and professional, they make dancing a fun-filled experience. I recommend Nash to anyone who would like to learn ballroom dancing. Kudos to Nash!!!!!”

“Nash Dancenter is one of the best studios in the US! I look forward to being there and enjoy sharing the joy of dancing with all the students. It is a pleasure to give the gift of dance and to see their excitement as they learn and improve. Students travel for miles to attend one of Brians workshops or private lessons. He is one of a kind. A colleague of mine is one of his students and he brought her back to life after a difficult period.”

“Nash is the best studio in NJ for Ballroom and Latin dance. The ballroom has a beautiful atmosphere and the owner, Brian Nash, is an amazingly talented instructor. He is always very warm and welcoming and is loved and deeply appreciated by his students.”   ~Cristina

“Nash is probably the best studio in NJ, supporting all ages in social and competitive dance. Big supporters of young dancers through their Dance Education Foundation and Rutgers University Dance Team. Great place to meet people from the community. And good exercise!!!”