Dance Education Foundation (DEF)

In 1998, Brian and Jennie realized a twenty year dream when they founded the Dance Education Foundation, a non-profit, comprehensive educational outreach organization dedicated to exposing youth in the greater New Jersey area to community arts and life-learning through ballroom dance.

The youth program encourages not only interest, experience, and proficiency in dance, but also provides the benefits of:

  • improving social skills
  • learning respect for others
  • gaining confidence
  • acquiring etiquette skills
  • increasing physical strength and coordination

Foundation events and programs include:

  • YMCA Healthy Kids Program
  • scholarships for continued learning
  • community mentoring program in dance and dance choreography through local school systems

The foundation's success depends as much, if not more, on the financial support of the public, as on the dedicated individuals who directly interact with the youth.

With the financial support of area businesses, corporations, philanthropic organizations, interested individuals and government grants, the 20 year dream — The Dance Education Foundation — can be propelled into full swing.

For information on how to become a support person to the Dance Education Foundation, please contact Jennie Nash at 973-328-7979.